Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Nicole Krauss and Jonathan Safran Foer = Power Couple

The History of Love came across the desk at the library while I was working today and I had to share how much I love it - and her husband's book, too!

Nicole Krauss, wrote The History of Love, an intricate story filled with different perspectives, connections, and heartbreak.

Her husband, Jonathan Safran Foer, is the author of Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, an exquisite  book that has recently been adapted for the big screen. 

Both of these books feature characters that eventually cross paths, which is something I really enjoy in a book. I enjoy books that are mysterious, but I don't like mysteries. However, both of these books are fascinating and beautifully written. I also enjoy how Safran Foer uses design, text, and type. Give it a try - this story will suck you in, break your heart, and leave you wanting.

I suppose I find it very interesting that their writing styles are so similar... I don't know much about the couple, but while I was reading The History of Love I imagined the two of them editing each other's manuscripts in their Park Slope apartment, all lofty and New Yorky and all.
There is a lot of criticism out on the interwebs about both of their works, however. Maybe I'm not as literary as I should be, having been an English major, but people just need to read what they want. All that matters is that you enjoy it.
And to all those people who deeply criticize Jonathan Safran Foer's work  - why don't you write your own book that's better instead of taking all that time disparaging someone else's work?

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