Thursday, July 19, 2012


Recently, there has been an influx in comediennes writing about their lives, advice, etc. They're fascinating and are also really inspiring. (Also, I'm writing this post because Rachel Dratch was in my dream last night and we were buddies).
The three that I have read are:

Now, I like all three of these books and for very different reasons.  Bossypants is hilarious and of course, I adore Tina Fey and her stories are really good.  And I love the life lessons that she gives. Also the prayer at the end for her daughter = priceless.

My favorite one is Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? by Mindy Kaling. Ms. Kaling is sensitive and hilarious and she tells wonderful stories about her childhood. I also love how incredibly down to earth she is and what good advice she gives. Ms. Kaling is intelligent and she loves cupcakes (well, not any more, but just read it and you'll find out why). 

Rachel Dratch's book is fascinating, too, but for other reasons. I love her story about the love of her life and her "midlife miracle". She's hilarious and isn't afraid to admit how she is constantly asked to do roles that involve being a lesbian or an old woman or a fat woman. She takes it all in stride.

Nice work, ladies - you've written some incredible stuff!!


  1. I heard Mindy Kaling on WTF recently, and she was so sweet.

  2. From her writing, I had assumed the same. It's always so nice to hear that a celebrity isn't super selfish and self-centered.